GES-ELECTRONICS maintains a significant position in sales of radio equipment and are among the best in their field. Is a specialist in delivering complete preparation and implementation of the project as a whole, both in the field of traffic control and management, and the delivery of professional radio, alarm systems, microwave links, antennas, connectors or cables.

In cooperation with the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen was developed by open wireless solutions for the transparent transfer of data suitable for small and medium telemetric network in various fields (heating, gas, water, energy and other).

Customer service broadcasting technology is one of the other services division radiocommunications. For customers under special license runs its own radio (trunk) systems and FM radio transmitters.

Radiocommunications Division implements customized solutions radio networks, radio stations and trunked systems TAIT and offers all related services.

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GES-ELECTRONICS is the exclusive distributor of technology companies Tait Czech Republic. Tait Technologies is stable top radio communication technology with sixty years of tradition. It offers a comprehensive and reliable digital radio solution suitable for smaller users from multiple workstations to large networks with tens of thousands of participants. It is the most advanced solutions for the police, transport firms, mountain rescue service, security agencies, trucking companies, and many other candidates.

DMR solution from Tait is a novelty on the market. Multi-mode supports the conventional DMR Tier 2 (digital and analog) and trunked DMR Tier 3, MPT 1327, FM, allowing seamless transition between networks without large one-time investment.

Mobile and hand-held radios – offer improved communications, new functionality and applications, including use in difficult conditions. Offering DMR trunking traffic as well as MPT1327, in one device. It is possible to switch seamlessly between these networks. Handheld transceiver has a built-in GPS, Bluetooth wireless technology, radio frequency identification (RFID). Station design fully meets the requirements of IP67.

The base station – is an ultra narrow band solution for highly busy networks. Digital trunking base stations operating at 6.25 KHz channel raster and is fully compatible with standard channel DMR Tier 3 with good IOP tests. TB9300 is really versatile and effective solution to gain more capacity, it is a progressive investment. It also provides a high level of operational efficiency through remote management network and IP connectivity. It is designed and tested to MIL-STD reliability, in combination with the functions to mitigate the effects of power failure.

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