Electronic Components Supplies

GES-ELECTRONICS specializes in the wholesale distribution of goods assembly companies, industrial manufacturers and wholesalers that have specific performance requirements and order quantity. Wholesale offers the possibility to plan orders for up to a year in advance and have the goods shipped through the gradual available when needed.

The company provides its customers a wide range of products of the electronics industry and related fields, with a focus on low-voltage components and prepare customized solutions in cooperation with leading manufacturers.

Elektronické součástky

Customers are also available specialized sales network in Prague, Brno, Ostrava and Plzen, which buys a complete range of our offer counseling provides qualified personnel, as well as a fast and comfortable shopping online at e-shop, intuitive multilingual electronic Trade with operations around the world, which according to the wishes and ideas of customers constantly innovating. Of course there is a selection of the many payment methods and delivery methods. Retail customers appreciate the personal collection of the shop and cheap postage calculated on peace size and weight of the consignment, wholesale use of the quick re-ordering recurring orders.

Services for our customers

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Services for our Vendors

For its vendor then provides a Division electronic components primarily storage of goods, incl. customs warehouse and sorting, labeling, packaging and piece picking, assembling shipments and subsequent distribution throughout the world.

Basic overview of the range can be found in our e-shop www.ges.cz. The range includes everything from the most basic design of products for retailers to professional instruments, laboratory equipment suitable for testing institutes, businesses, shops, schools, for servicing, repair etc.

Goods for industrial customers are supplied on the basis of demand and supply processed individually, which includes all technical documentation from manufacturers.

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