Dispatching System

The company in collaboration with other external specialists developed a highly innovative dispatching system for managing public transport in the Czech Republic. This is a very complex system, which offers the following solutions:

Smart Stop

Equipment stops intelligent information systems, especially at the interchanges, the project is directly linked to the establishment of the dispatching center. The panels display information directly from the control room. Timely delivery of information can prevent unnecessary chaos and facilitate the management of crisis situations in transport.

Smart Stop is an electronic information system that provides passengers to stop the current text and audio traffic information. The panels show the number of lines, direction, time until the actual departure the next few connections and text messages from the control room informing about changes in traffic. Times the anticipated departure sends dispatch directly after its own radio network, thus embracing the current delay of individual connections.

To display utilizes LED technology with brightness control, which ensures very good contrast in all lighting conditions, and therefore the readability of displayed text. While simultaneously reducing energy consumption and ensures a long service life of the panels.

Emphasis is also placed on the acoustic equipment for blind and visually impaired. Panels can read information about connections from the station, just a blind command by pressing a special driver. Acoustic system will also be used for reporting in the case of serious situations or threats to passenger safety.

Our services are comprehensive - development, installation, test operation, start the system in full and subsequent servicing.