Accupack renewals and production

GES-ELECTRONICS has extensive experience in the sale and production of many kinds of batteries (accu) and specifications for use in various applications. Custom manufacture of battery lets you use the most effective solution for a given type of battery. Accupack is possible to produce fully customized, ie the required voltage and capacity, spatial layout and design output connectors. Custom production is especially suited for portable devices and devices that require backup power source, such as emergency lighting, medical equipment and more. Part of the services is also consulted during development of the device itself, because of the dimensional specifications of the battery.

Custom manufacture of batteries find its place also in RC models, it is desirable to improve performance. In the case of models or airsoft guns is the arrangement of the articles dealt with individually for the required battery capacity and the size of the package.

Besides the production accu provides GES-ELECTRONICS also scoring terminals on the battery cells and service in the form of repair, ie. The exchange of cells within the battery. Outgoing battery in hand power tools and other wireless devices do not need to throw away. Thus executed overhauls can be achieved again at least the same durability as the original Accupack.

For manufacturing and refurbishing used only quality branded batteries with long life, especially GP, Saft or Panasonic. These articles used by most OEMs cordless tools.

The types of equipment, which features rechargeable batteries application:

GES-ELECTRONICS supplies a wide range of batteries and battery: