The reliable partner for the third millenium

The company GES-ELECTRONICS, Inc. active in the import and sale of electronic components, but also in sales and installation of radio communication, telecommunication and special equipment and infrastructure connected with it. In these fields it ranks in the Czech Republic. The division of society into separate divisions guarantees a narrow specialization and high professionalism, as evidenced by the successful re-certification of ISO 9001: 2016 guarantees the stability, quality and reliability of services.

GES-ELECTRONICS is stable, modern and successful company, which operates in the market since 1991. The long-term goal and the effort of the whole team is to be a reliable partner for all your business partners. This effort reflects a long term basis to continue into relationships not only with current, as well as new customers, both in the EU and around the world.

Sídlo společnosti GES-ELECTRONICS

The company works with industry and the business community, governments and many other institutions. Supplies electronic components, measuring equipment and other components of its wide selection of large number of customers in the Czech Republic and abroad, among others, for the development and research activities.

GES-ELECTRONICS for its duration has been created and applied a large number of projects in various electrical fields such as solutions and consulting technical issues, component base, production samples and prototypes, validation and testing solutions to problems of data and voice traffic, the issue of telecommunications and radiocommunications devices, their installation and operation, integration of cooperating devices and many others.

ISO 9001

Due to the development of technology and electronics in the field of energy cooperation also focuses on the synergy of research and development of UWB and GES-ELECTRONICS. The company has consulted a number of partial D activities in terms of technical feasibility and the transfer of technologies to the market.

Sustained efforts of all our employees is directed to using the latest tools and methods offered to customers and business partners with comprehensive information on all products supplied, not only in e-shop, but also in stores and consultations solutions to specific customer orders. Finally, sophisticated logistics ensures that all customers receive the goods required and all the necessary information in the shortest possible time and highest quality.

Years of experience in the field, customized solutions and expert advice provided to customers by a team of trained professionals enable us to meet corporate motto: "GES-ELECTRONICS - a reliable partner for the third millenium"


The company is based in Pilsen, in a new, large, modern and equipped with latest technology facility has storage space with an area of 5,000 m².

GES-ELECTRONICS operates stores in Prague, Plzen, Brno and Ostrava. On the basis of contractual relations cooperates with many external professionals and small businesses throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Company structure

The company GES-ELECTRONICS, Inc. is divided into three separate divisions.

Electronic Components Division

supplies a wide range of products of electrotechnical industry and related fields, with a focus on low-voltage electronic components. The assortment includes about 40,000 items. Multilingual e-commerce a pan-European scope.

Radiocommunications Division

Division implements customized solutions radio networks, trunk systems TAIT, supplies radios and offers all related services: consulting, project management and analysis, supply of all equipment, handling all legislative requirements and ensure warranty service.

Organizační schéma společnosti